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How Can Pinterest Help Your Website?

Innovation is not always present in new social media websites. Pinterest is an interesting exception. Pictures often help convey information in a way more concise than text or talking will. The user’s Pinboard can help them paint a very clear picture of interests, hopes, dreams, feelings, and desires by Pinning appropriate pictures and links on it. Bloggers and businesses can use Pinterest as an effective way to reach a larger audience or generate new ideas.

Building Relationships

Social media is all about people interaction. The businesses and marketers out there that turn their social media account into a self-promotional platform are missing the point. Even Pinterest suggests you keep self-promotional material to a minimum. Create Pinboards that are aimed at providing worthwhile, useful information to a visitor. Give people a reason to visit other than buying your product. Take the time to interact with them and other users from around Pinterest.

Sharing Your Blog

Pinterest can be used to funnel traffic to specific areas of a website or blog to great effect. Pin some relevant information in addition to a link to your new blog post on a fresh Pinboard when you update. You end up providing a nice foundation of information in addition to your quality content which gives users several reasons to take notice of your Pinboard. It is a great way to share source material, contrary opinions, or other helpful materials on your blog subject matter.

Building Backlinks

A picture is a fantastic way to communicate information. The viewer does not have to try and figure out what the author may have been getting at. They can simply look at it, interpret it, and move on if they are ready. A very common part of building an effective webpage utilizes pictures and videos. A Pinboard can be used to build a very concise, informative space that is understandable and easy to relate to. Those qualities will make your Pinboard a very shareable commodity to users. The greater your reach, the more backlinks you will generate.

Promoting Yourself

Self-promotion is a fine balance between providing enough information while not being overbearing. The reasons for wanting to do so are as varied as the people that undertake the activity. A person may be looking for a job, freelance work, or may just be trying to build more interest in what they have to say. Provide prominent Pins that will help you reach this goal. Pinterest can let you easily post past experience information, portfolios, or help you demonstrate your understanding of a field.

Promoting Your Product

Product promotion on social media websites is a bit of a balancing act. A business that comes off as too overbearing in their presentation is going to lose followers. Ideally, we want to strike a balance between providing useful information and promoting a product. A very common mistake businesses make is to not simplify how the customer can secure your product. Do you run an e-store? Include links to the store pages with product pictures. Are you selling a service? Provide a simple way for the user to contact your business. The more clicks it takes for the customer to find a way to contact you or purchase a product are more opportunities for them to decide against it. A single click matters!

Generating Blog Ideas

We have all heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The vast number of pictures available on Pinterest should be more than enough to inspire a few hundred words for a new blog post. A blogger that is strapped for ideas can invigorate their imagination and creative mind by surfing their way through Pinboards relevant to their subject matter. The great part about image inspiration is the blogger does not necessarily need to interpret what the original author of a work is getting at. It only takes a few seconds to look at a picture, interpret it, and move on. A Pinboard is simply a compilation of information around a particular subject. Look for Pinboards relevant to your content to help generate new ideas.

Social Media Is For Socializing

Businesses especially need to keep in mind that the average person does not use a social media network to be sold to. A business that focuses solely on trying to sell through a social media platform is going to fall flat in their approach. Potential or long-term customers will ignore that business page if they are being inundated with spammy information. Definitely promote your material but spend more time interacting with other users and redistributing theirs. Demonstrate that you are willing to help other people find success and they will do the same for you.

In Conclusion…

Pinterest is not a social media platform to ignore. It is incredibly popular with users and has a retention rate higher than Twitter did at the same point in it’s lifecycle. The user population is predominantly female thus making it an excellent location for bloggers and businesses providing products for women.